AT&V, Inc. Project and Product Technology


AT&V, Inc. supports continuing research and development of technology associated with new and repair work for storage tanks.

Through AT&V, Inc.’s participation in the API sub-committee for tanks and vessels, AT&V, Inc. continues to ensure that our proprietary and/or patented technology developed at AT&V, Inc. is acceptable and of sound practice.

AT&V, Inc. develops technology associated with the use of new welding systems and procedures. This incorporates new equipment and proprietary technology.

AT&V, Inc. develops technology with the use of new materials and the incorporation of existing materials and unique applications. AT&V, Inc. develops technology to improve NDE associated with construction and tank integrity.

AT&V, Inc. has developed proprietary and patented technology for the reduction of emissions associated with gases from storage tanks. AT&V, Inc. has developed technology to improve economics and schedules associated with related tank components such as foundations, fire fighting systems, floating roof seals, issues for CP systems, containment and/or leak detection systems and other miscellaneous applications.

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