Refining the Standards of Quality

Quality Control

AT&V, Inc. assures the highest quality associated with the projects constructed whether they are ASME, API or other codes. AT&V, Inc.'s in-house QA/QC department will follow every step of your project to ensure complete documentation.

AT&V, Inc.'s overall corporate philosophy associated with Quality Assurance and Quality Control incorporates structure with specialization. The structure and specialization concept yields the highest degree of quality in consideration of the code, standards, and customer specifications.

To accomplish this philosophy, AT&V, Inc. has built a structured quality control program. This program adds the framework presented in the quality control manual for ASME work as well as AT&V, Inc.'s QA/QC program for API-620, 650, and 653 tanks. This same structure is duplicated for other code work. The evidence of documentation associated with this structure is found in the QA/QC audit, tailor made for each project.

The framework associated with the QA/QC audit is consistent from project to project but may have specific additions as required for specific projects. The QA/QC audit also acts as a device to communicate with the end user and/or customer to identify witness and hold points as well as an overall outline to job activities. You will note that the QA/QC audit includes code and non-code issues as well as construction issues.

AT&V, Inc.'s quality control program also deals with the specialization concept. Through the concept of specialization, AT&V, Inc.'s management talents are used to improve the ultimate project quality through a team structure specifically designed for your project. In this team design, AT&V, Inc. can tailor the delivery of quality control issues to the customer and therefore yield consistent results on different projects. This type of specialization makes AT&V, Inc. highly successful with small and large projects as well as stand alone tank work and turn key projects.

Certification - AT&V, Inc. holds major certifications when required by industry standards for fabrication and repair including ASME "U", "U2" & "R" stamps as well as compliance with API-650, API-620 and API-653 code work.
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