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Field Erected Towers & Vessels

American Tank & Vessel, Inc., offers complete turnkey capabilities in the design, engineering, fabrication, and erection of your vessels and towers. AT&V, Inc. supports the erection of such vessels in the field at congested sites, in fast turnaround situations, and in modifications or repairs to your on-site vessels.

Field Service - American Tank & Vessel, Inc. provides efficient, superior quality field erection services for the petroleum and refining industries. AT&V, Inc. has the capability to provide automated welding technology for carbon steel and alloys. AT&V, Inc. holds all major certifications required by industry standards for fabrication and repair including ASME "U" & "R" Stamps, API-650, API-620 and API-653.

Capacity - American Tank & Vessel, Inc. has the capability to provide automated welding technology for carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and alloys. AT&V, Inc.'s level of experience includes field fitting of plate as thin as ¼" and exceeding 3". No vessel built in the world today exceeds AT&V, Inc.'s capacities.

Quality Control - American Tank & Vessel, Inc. assures complete code compliance and documentation through a field audit system in conjunction with AT&V, Inc.'s improved quality control manual. Whether your project is ASME, API-620, or others, AT&V, Inc. will construct specific QA/QC procedures and audit trails for each project.

Schedules - American Tank & Vessel, Inc. supports our schedules through a computer generated scheduling system and auditing with production reviews. Due to AT&V, Inc.'s turnkey in-house abilities, most customer schedules are improved by contracting with AT&V, Inc.

Pricing - Because of American Tank & Vessel, Inc.'s in-house support services and efficient planning, AT&V, Inc. can consistently provide improved pricing in the products and services constructed by AT&V, Inc.

Safety - American Tank & Vessel, Inc.'s safety track record is impeccable, providing top-of-the-line services with a consistently low EMR. Safety on any given project is evaluated and implemented as part of our project management. Each AT&V, Inc. employee has a personal goal of safety at each level of service in both field and shop projects. AT&V, Inc. is 100% compliant with the host's safety requirements. Safety awareness is a priority on every job.