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AT&V’s ability to deliver is based on track record, systems and facilities. The track record that AT&V has built has established a record that pre-determines the means and ability of AT&V to ensure delivery of your products.

The facilities of AT&V are all supported by AT&V trucks and trailers, as well as outside contractors. AT&V’s main plant in the United States, in Lucedale, MS., has (2) rail spurs and the ability to ship in or out by truck and rail.

AT&V’s water front facility in Mosspoint, MS., has the ability to have inbound truck, rail and water, as well as outbound by truck, rail and water. Many of AT&V’s facilities are near major commercial airports and air shipping of certain products is available upon request. AT&V also has a 10-acre facility in Houston, TX. that helps with staging of export or import products into the Houston port.

AT&V, Inc. Delivery